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An open letter to our hotel friends …

Your world may be built around your hotel. Maybe no one knows better than you how to run it. But outside your door there's a whole wide world you also need to know about. All you have to do is open that door.

Our people have experienced over 25-years in the Northwest's hospitality industry. From arranging property acquisition financing, hotel renovations financing, FF & E financing – to managing large property sales & total acquisition transactions. We've been here in good markets and in not-so-good. We are trained and experienced Commercial Realtors well qualified to help you with your need to know.

Have you ever wondered about

  • Today's market and how it affects your current property values?
  • Whether to hold or to sell at this time?
  • What would the long & short term projections look like?
  • What roll-over investment options are likely to be available?
  • Whether, or not, a 1031 tax deferred exchange would make the most sense?
  • What improvements to your property would gain you the best ROI?
  • What financial reports, and in which format, should you have for sales analysis?
  • Is it better for you to sell with, or without, a franchise flag?
  • Is there an out of state, even out of country, market for your property?
  • What is likely to be your time line, from Listing to funding?

We stand ready to help you find the answers you need to know. All you have to do to open that door is contact us.

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